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Don't Judge Me!
Don't Judge Me!
Don't Judge Me!
Don't Judge Me!

    Don't Judge Me!

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      Please don't judge me because I'm different! I am still perfectly good glitter! and DISCOUNTED! Products may arrive unlabeled. 

      Discontinued - We no longer carry this size, color or style. May be an old container or label style. May not show colors name. 

      Whoopsies! - Container may have a scratch or dent. Label may be smudged or crooked.

      Uht ohh - Sometimes colors accidentally get mixed together when they shouldn't, these mistakes are our Uht ohhs!

      Kaleidoscope - In the process of filling thousands of bags and jars, we inevitably drop some sparkles (into clean catch bins!). These are still perfectly Good Glitters, however they rarely match a theme. They come in unmarked glass bottles and make cute ornamental pieces. Additionally the glitter works well sprinkled on candles, and used in crafts, or slimes. It however contains both Bio-Art NON COSMETIC glitters and Cosmetic glitter, plus the occasional paintbrush bristle from our cleanup process, so it should not be used for body applications.  


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