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Some of our glitters bleed their colorants or morph their color all together when introduced to water based products. Many people enjoy this feature, as it adds a base colorant or gives a new effect to the glitter.  However if you don't prefer the look, we have some tips!

  • Pat or Sprinkle the sparkles onto your adhesive instead of mixing in to the adhesive
  • Use a wax or oil based adhesive
  • Don't Spray with Alcohol or Steam
  • Choose colors that don't morph or bleed

We have found that the more you wet, and manipulate the glitters, the more this effect happens. Its possible that you may never notice the effect at all without a lot of liquid added to the sparkles.


 Colors That Bleed or Morph

*Seasonal Colors May not be listed. Please see their product description!

  • Arctic Sparkle (minimally)
  • Blue and Blue Stardust 
  • Cake
  • Champagne Wishes
  • Classic Aviation
  • Cosmo Pridefetti
  • Cotton Candy Carnival
  • Dark Pink
  • Dragons Delight
  • Emerald and Emerald Stardust
  • Fairy Dust
  • Fish Tales
  • Gold and Gold Stardust
  • Mauve Majesty
  • Mermaid Dreams
  • Purple and Purple Stardust
  • Purple Fizz
  • Rose Gold
  • Rosie and Rosie Stardust
  • SeaQuins
  • Teal and Teal Stardust

Colors that DON'T Bleed or Morph

  • Auburn
  • Blue Opal
  • Clear
  • Double Bubble
  • Green Opal 
  • HOLO and HOLO Stardust
  • Pale Blue
  • Pale Green
  • Pale Orange
  • Pale Pink
  • Pink Opal
  • Red
  • Silver and Silver Stardust
  • Simply Stardust
  • Yellow