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Bio-glitter® is an alternative to plastic glitters. It is independently tested and proven degrade naturally in waterways like sewers, lakes, and landfills so that it never pollutes the oceans. Its made of eucalyptus cellulose, and actually becomes food for the same hungry organisms that break down waste products.

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When we hear biodegrade we often think of something dissolving, like salt into water. If you wanted to get the salt back, you could evaporate the water and you would be left with salt. That is NOT what it means for something to biodegrade. Biodegrade means there is a biological change to the object. In the case of Bio-glitter, because it's made from plants, its seen as food by hungry enzymes that feed on waste. After it degrades, you will never have glitter again. Think of a leaf disappearing after it falls from a tree. 
Without the presence of hungry enzymes found in water systems, our Bio-glitter is completely shelf stable. It won't breakdown in fresh bath water, gels, glues, epoxies, paints, glosses and so on. That makes it perfect for any application where glitter will enter the water system. 
  • Cosmetics: Daily Makeup, Festival Makeup, Hair
  • Bath: Soaps, Bath bombs, lotions, body gels, scrubs
  • Crafts: Tumblers, Painting, Kids projects, Flowers, Slime, Wax
When the glitter finds its way to a sewer, lake, or river it will biodegrade in a matter of weeks. This process is faster when the environment is warmer, wetter, and has more hungry microbes present. Plastic glitter takes thousands of years! In the meantime, if a speck of glitter is eaten by marine life, its really no biggie because its made of plants, not harmful plastics.


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The Bad Glitter is made of plastic. As we know, plastics are entering our waterways at alarming rates. This pollution causes dangers to marine life. Microplastics such as glitter, are often confused with food and consumed by animals. This builds in their systems causing starvation, illness and death. Increasing numbers of animals are dying because of plastics causing disruptions to the eco systems we rely on as humans.
  • Plastic takes 1000s of years to degrade, if it ever does.
  • Bad glitter has also been known to release chemicals into the waterways. These chemicals have shown to disturb the natural hormone balance of animals and humans.

Beware of companies selling products labeled as Biodegradable unless they can show proven details and testing of the products. Bio-Glitter Brand products are created in the UK, are award winning, and rigorously tested to high standards. (see details here One way to spot a fake is to know that ALL of Bio-Glitters sparkles are cut into hexagon shapes.

Cosmetic Bio-glitter® is a trailblazing innovation in eco-friendly cosmetic effect pigments. Being heavy metal free and 40% softer than plastic glitter, adds to improved consumer safety and comfort. Its Non-Toxic and 100% free of 14 common allergens (as with all products, you should do a patch test to make sure your skin isn't irritated by this product!)

Perfect for

  • Cosmetic use on the body, face, hair, and nails.
  • Craft use in projects, fairy gardens, tumblers, painting, clothing, slime, wax creations.
  • Bath products like soaps, bath bombs, lotions, masks and scrubs.

and anywhere else you use regular glitter! But since its not people food, please don't eat it! ;)