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5 Things you should try with Bio-Glitter right now!

by Brittainy Martin on October 31, 2019

Eco glitter fun
Photo Credit : Eco Glitter Fun, United Kingdom @ecoglitterfun

Its no secret, plastic is bad for the environment. When you think of the main culprits, plastic bags and soda rings come to mind, but there is a smaller, shinier, monster out there. GLITTER. Until recently, alternatives to the sparkle world didn't exist, but now we have BIO-GLITTER! A vegan, sustainable, product made from eucalyptus cellulose that packs just as much shine as its predecessor. Cool right? Now you're asking yourself, "I bought this bottle of glitter from the Good Glitter, what do I do?"

Here is 5 things you should try with Bio-Glitter right now!

1. Sprinkle it on the tops of candles!

Because Bio-Glitter is made from plants not plastic, it burns instead of melts. That makes it the perfect addition to luxury candles like these amazing, hand poured, natural wax creations from Flutterlights.

2. Bathe in it- Yes Seriously!

Its inevitable, if you put glitter in a bath its going to end up in the sewer system. But that's no problem for biodegradable glitter! Its eaten by the same enzymes that break down waste, so it won't last long! So do what WhimsyByLindsay did, and add it to your bath products. Enjoy a relaxing, guilt-free soak.


3. Make some slime!

Slime, in its oozy gooey glory, is an insanely popular kids project these days. Its often scented, colored, and contains... you guessed it, GLITTER! But where does that glitter go when your kid is sick of playing? The trash. Good news if you chose Bio-glitter like HummingBirdsAtPlay, it will break down in months instead millennia!

4. Toss some into your fairy garden

Fairies are notoriously glittery, so why not add bio-glitter to your outdoor fairy gardens? Unlike regular glitter, when you add Bioglitter to the soil, it won't pollute the environment. Likewise, it can be used to add natural sparkle to your fairy decor! Check out this cute little guy from Lucys Littles.

5. Let the kids go nuts

Bio-glitter is non-toxic, free of 14 common allergens, contains no heavy metals, and is softer than regular glitter. That makes it perfect for little ones 3 and up! So let their imaginations guide them, like HummingBirdsAtPlay did. Now if only it cleaned its self up too!

With all that inspiration, you're going to need more glitter!

Head over to The Good Glitter and stock up on Eco Glitter Fun bio-glitter! Its time to get started on your next project! We can't wait to see what you create!




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